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Patience. Persistence. Peace


It all started with two Cockerspaniels named Red & Blue, the most faithful companions a girl could ever ask for. Two little beacons of light in the grief stricken darkness that followed the loss of my parents. A reason to get up in the morning when all I wanted to do was hide. When I sobbed uncontrollably there were no awkward silences, no trying to fix the problem or well meaning advice. They just curled their warm little bodies around mine, as if to say, we're here and you are loved. I will be forever grateful for those quiet moments, when they reminded me, what love and connection felt like. They were patient and kind, even when I felt I didn't deserve it and taught me so much about compassion and unconditional love. But the responsibility for my emotional well being was a lot to put on their little shoulders. Our animals are so sensitive to how we feel, to our emotions. Whenever I got upset, no matter where I was in the house, Red (my little rock) would always come and find me and comfort me. Learning the Trust Technique was my gift back to them. By practicing this simple, powerful mindfulness technique with Red & Blue, I took that responsibility off their shoulders and helped all of us to let go of our fears and anxiety and to heal together. We built back the Trust & confidence that had been lost and just started to have fun again. I had forgotten how funny they were, how they cracked me up on a daily basis. It was so lovely to share joy with them instead of fear and sadness.

Sometimes the worst things in life can bring about some of  the best and for me that was meeting a very special person who would guide me on my path to becoming a Trust Technique practitioner. I remember the exact moment I realised I needed help. I was sitting on a bus one day, about 2 years after my Dad had passed away. Across from me sat two teenagers very much in love, they were holding each other in a warm embrace, laughing and kissing. The old me would have smiled and  thought, ah look young love and felt warmth in my heart. Instead, all I felt was bitterness. My eyes filled with tears and I mourned the person I once was, the one who would have been happy for this young couple. I  didn't recognise the person I had become and I certainly didn't like her.

Then I met Ellen Shilling a mindfulness and holistic therapist and everything changed. She introduced me to the healing power of mindfulness & reiki and I have never looked back. Thank you Ellen, there are no words to express how much you helped me and my girls. I learned the art of reiki and how to give a reiki treatment to Red & Blue (which they loved, by the end of each session they'd be snoring their little heads off). While researching the use of reiki with animals, I came across the Trust Technique and my life took a completely different path, from the corporate world of Microsoft to a mindful way of working with animals. The Trust Technique really is the most beautiful gift you can give to yourself and your animal. When you help an animal feel peaceful where they previously felt anxious you can gently resolve problem behaviours and connect on a deeper level.

During Red & Blues final days, the Trust Technique helped me to hold a peaceful space for them, to  share a feeling of peace instead of fear and to listen to them and know when it was time to let them go.

In the quiet moments, animals can show you the truth and you can listen.

Thank you Red & Blue xxx

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