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Trust Technique

Connection is stronger than control

What is the Trust Technique?

The Trust Technique is a very simple meditative tool anyone can use to reduce the thinking level of people & animals. It understands that people and animals are sensitive to each others emotions and can react to each others thinking levels. It recognises that people and animals share feelings.

For example Laura has recently adopted Max a rescue dog. Max has previously been attacked by another dog. They are out on lovely leisurely walk together when they encounter another dog, this triggers a fear response and Max goes ballistic. Laura feels afraid and reprimands Max, which makes him feel even more stressed and they are stuck in this cycle of fear. Now every time they go for a walk and another dog approaches it triggers a fear response in both of them. Their thinking levels go sky high, Laura thinks oh god remember what happened last time and Max remembers what happened in his past and they both feel FEAR. They feed each others fear so the feeling is getting stronger and the behaviour gets worse.

The Trust Technique works with mindfulness and it comes in and breaks the cycle of fear by reducing thinking levels and introducing peace of Mind. Thinking creates feelings and overthinking can create negative reactions. When thinking levels are high, it is really easy to be reactive, when thinking levels are low it's really easy to be peaceful. How we feel is how we react. A peaceful animal is a less reactive one. By using the Trust Technique Laura can help  Max reduce his thinking level, so that he can see the situation differently. He will be calm enough to see the reality of the situation and to learn that not every dog is going to attack him. He starts to feel differently about other dogs, the negative reactions dissipate and the behavioural issue is resolved.

Bringing anxiety levels down allows animals and people to look at things differently and therefore respond from a different perspective.  Creating the conditions and space for emotional healing, translates into behavioural changes which produces a better quality of life for the animals and people involved. 

It's not behaviour correction, it's healing the root cause of the behaviour.

How does the process work?

  • Step 1, book a free 15-minute assessment here           

  • Step 2, book an Initial 90-120 minute home Consultation here 

  • Step 3, book a 90-minute Follow-up Consultation here 

How many consultations do you recommend?

I recommend at least four sessions. The initial consultation is about getting to know the technique with your own animal and being able to carry out the individual elements yourself. The follow-up consultations are learning how to apply the technique to situations/ behaviours you would like to change.

Will the Trust Technique work for any Domestic animal?

Yes, the majority of my work is done with dogs & cats. But the Trust Technique can be used to help any domestic animal overcome their fears/anxiety to resolve behavioural issues.

What are the origins of the Trust Technique?

The Trust Technique® was born out of the lifelong experience of James French and further developed by working with his partner, Shelley Slingo.  They have shared this excellent method of rehabilitation with rescue centre worldwide. It is successfully used by animal rescue organizations such as Drakenstein Lion Park (South Africa), Soi Dog Phuket (Thailand), Katz Castle (cat rescue organization in the UK), Salt River Wild Horses (EEUU), and Second Chance (Horse Rescue organization UK), among others.

Trust Technique: FAQ
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