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Trust Technique Consultations

A girl and her dog

15 minute clarity call

No charge. By phone or zoom

Book a 15-minute clarity call with Mindful Paws and take the first step towards a happier and healthier relationship with your furry friend. During this call, we’ll discuss your pet’s behaviour, training needs, and any concerns you may have. Our experienced practitioner will provide guidance and support, and help you determine the best course of action for you and your pet. Schedule your free call today and start the journey towards a more harmonious relationship with your pet.

Image by Fabian Gieske

Trust Technique initial consultation

90 - 120 minute consultation, done at client's home.

During this consultation I will:

  • Listen to your situation with your animal and explain how the Trust Technique® can help.

  • Carry out a demonstration of the Trust Technique®, working with your animal. 

  • Teach and then observe you conducting the Trust Technique® with your animal, providing you with feedback and support.

Man with his Dog

Trust Technique follow up consultation

90 minute consultation

During this consultation I will:

  • Check in with you to see how you and your animal have been progressing.

  • Provide additional support.

  • Answer any questions you may have.

  • Teach you how to apply the Trust Technique to resolve specific behavioural problems or situations.

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